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Check out my recent visit to Chicago’s Windy City Live doing their 30 minute “In The Kitchen Challenge”.

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Most Recent Segments

Mom’s Apple Pie

This recipe is pretty basic. But, it uses my mom's special crust, which combines butter and cream cheese. Also, you can really go crazy with decorating the crust by taking leftover dough and cutting out [...]

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Bacon Bomb Meatballs

My brother recently sent me a photo of these bacon wrapped meatballs that were inside an onion skin.  They looked great but my sister-in-law thought that the onion flavor was a bit strong.  So, I [...]

By | April 5th, 2016|Categories: WayneBites|0 Comments

Irish Stew

My Chicago friends, Donncha and Cathy Carroll gave me this recipe years ago.  I'm constantly modifying it a bit, but the basic flavors are from the original recipe. Irish Stew Courtesy of Donncha and Cathy [...]

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Bacon Lattice Work Apple Pie

I created this segment on March 14, 2016 (which is 3.14.16).  Pi is 3.14159, or also 3.1416.  So, in honor of Pi, I decided to make a fun pie.  This bacon covered pie is a [...]

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Texas Style Kolaches

Everything is just a little bit different in Texas.  Almost every style of cuisine has a little spin on it when you encounter it in the lone star state.  And, Kolaches are no different. the [...]

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Italian Sausage And Pepper Soup

I really like the taste of Italian sausage and peppers.  Just sautéed together in a skillet they are great.  But, I wanted to go one step further and make a heart soup with these [...]

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