Marty’s Assistant General Manager, Erasto, was kind enough to share the recipe for two of my favorite drinks at this cozy bar in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

Erasto’s Margarita Royale


2 Parts White Tequila
Splash Triple Sec
1 Part Chambord
Splash Lime Juice
1 Part Pomegranate Juice
Champagne Topper
Lime Wedge, for garnish


Fill a shaker with ice. Add tequila, triple sec, chambord, lime juice and pomegranate juice. Shake vigorously and pour into a chilled martini glass garnishes with a lime wedge. Top with champagne.

Black Velvet Martini


Smucker’s Plate Scrapers Raspberry Syrup

3 Parts Raspberry Vodka
1 Part Dark Creme de Cacao
Splash Chambord
1 Part Irish Cream


Holding the raspberry syrup over a chilled martini glass, create a zig-zag pattern in the glass by squeezing the bottle and moving back and forth from one end of the glass to other.

Fill a shaker with ice. Add all ingredients. Shake vigorously and pour into syrup lined glass.

Marty’s Martini Bar is located at 1511 W. Balmoral, Chicago, Illinois 60660.