My recipe series, “A Man, A Ham, & A Plan”, continues. I bought a 5 1/2lb thin cut carver ham and I wanted to see how many dishes I could create with it. I was able to make 6 different dishes, each serving at least four. This fourth dish is a creamy ham spread with cream cheese, dill, thyme and Dijon. It’s great as a schmear on a toasted bagel or English muffin or as a dip with fresh vegetables. Check my website and my YouTube channel for the rest!

Ham Cream Cheese Spread and Dip
makes about 2 cups


1/2 lb Ham, cubed
1 Shallot, roughly chopped
1/4 cu Fresh Parsley, roughly chopped
8 oz Cream Cheese, torn into pieces
1 1/2 tbl Dijon Mustard
1 tsp Fresh Thyme
1 tsp Fresh Dill
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1/2 tsp Salt


Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Use as a spread on toasted bagels or English muffins.

For variety, top the spread with additional tastes, like thinly sliced red onions, tomatoes, fried egg, or whatever suits your fancy. This will also make a great dip for a platter of fresh vegetables.

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