A friend gave me a bottle of Knob Creek recently and being as it’s after Labor Day and time for dark liquor drinks, I had to make a Kentucky Mule. The ingredients are pretty basic, Knob Creek, lime juice, fresh mint, ice and ginger beer. But, you have to have a copper cup…I love the condensation on the outside of the cup…and it just tastes better!

WayneBite Kentucky Mule
makes one drink


2 oz Knob Creek
3 fresh Mint Leaves
2 Lime Wedges
Ginger Beer
Additional Lime Wedge and Mint Sprig, for garnish


Place 3 mint leaves and 2 lime wedges in a copper cup, or large glass. Muddle together the ingredients. Fill the cup with ice and add Knob Creek. Add ginger beer and fill to the rim. Stir and add a lime wedge and mint sprig for garnish.