I recently came home from running errands and had a craving for chocolate.  And, rather than heading back out to the grocery store, I decided to come up with a cookie recipe using what I had in the house.  The result are this Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Cookies.  They also have pecans, but the name was getting too long.  They follow a pretty standard cookie recipe approach, so the steps should be very easy and familiar.  Just remember that ovens vary greatly and even though my recipe says 12-14 minutes, you might need to adjust the timing a bit.  Hope you enjoy them!

Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Cookies
makes 20-24


1/2 cu Unsalted Butter (1 stick), softened
3/4 cu Sugar
1/2 cu Brown Sugar
1 lg Egg, room temperature
1 tsp Vanilla Extract (I used Irish Whiskey)
3/4 cu All-Purpose Flour
1/4 cu Cocoa
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt
1/4 cu Coconut
1/4 cu Chopped Pecans
1 1/2 cu Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
Additional 1/2 cu Coconut for topping


In a large bowl, mix together the flour, cocoa, baking soda, salt, 1/4 cup coconut, pecans and rolled oats. Set aside

In a large bowl using your mixer, blend together the butter and sugars until smooth and creamy. Add in egg and vanilla extra. Gradually add in the dry ingredients, a few spoonfuls at a time, until mixture is fully incorporated. Cover mixture with plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour.

Preheat oven to 350˚F. Using a mini scoop or a spoon, place tablespoon size dollops on a parchment lined baking sheet. Put a pinch of extra coconut on top of each dollop. Bake for 12-14 minutes or until cookies are browning on the edge.

Remove from oven and sprinkle a bit more coconut on top. Allow to cool and enjoy.