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Mardi Gras King Cake

Made popular by Mardi Gras celebrations in Louisiana, the King Cake is an annual favorite sweet treat.  This braided cinnamon and sugar filled pastry is covered with icing and colorful sugars.  It's a little decadent.  But, [...]

By | February 4th, 2016|Categories: WayneBites|2 Comments

Crockpot Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a great dish that is traditionally a mix of chicken, sausage, shrimp in a tomato base with cajun spices.  I originally created this crockpot version for a football party because I wanted to get all [...]

By | February 1st, 2016|Categories: WayneBites|0 Comments

Cauliflower Crust Veggie Pizza

I've been on a bit of a health kick lately and I wanted to try making a cauliflower pizza crust for a vegetable pizza.  I've heard a lot of comments about cauliflower crusts being a [...]

By | December 7th, 2015|Categories: WayneBites|0 Comments

Mom’s Sweet Potato Pie

Growing up in Texas, I remember sweet potato pie always being the dessert of choice for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I've enjoyed it for years and finally decided to share the recipe along with a [...]

By | November 25th, 2015|Categories: WayneBites|0 Comments

Spicy Pumpkin Soup topped with Toasted Pine Nuts

Years ago, my friend Andy Avalos, meteorologist for NBC Chicago, shared his wife's pumpkin soup recipe with me.  It's been a favorite ever since.  There are simple ingredients in this soup but they come together [...]

Chicken And Waffles With Apples And Sage

I woke up this morning with a craving for chicken and waffles.  I think it was because there's a chill in the air as fall starts descending on us...and because I just had a taste for [...]

By | October 17th, 2015|Categories: WayneBites|0 Comments